Erasmus+ Staff Mobility for Training (STT)

In the year 2007 with the launch of Life-long Learning Program (LLP) the European Commission started a new activity under the Erasmus program: Erasmus staff trainings. You can visit the link for further information and opportunities concerning staff mobility and training.

Erasmus staff mobility for staff training offers an opportunity to participate in different forms of training abroad, such as job shadowing (staff members from a HEI go to another HEI to work there for a certain period) or attending job-related conferences and workshops.

If any member of the teaching or administrative staff is interested in participating at the Staff Mobility for Training Program, they should follow the procedure below (either in person or by email).

Before departure

  • Invitation Letter from the partner HEI

  • Application Form for Training (sent electronically at

  • Mobility Approval (from the Research Committee)

  • Mobility Agreement (Staff Mobility for Training)

  • Grant Agreement

After arrival

  • Certificate of Attendance (with the exact dates of visit)

  • Completion of the online EU survey

  • Boarding Passes (for the payment to occur)

  • Staff Mobility Report, which will be published at Erasmus+ ICM website


The payment order is issued by UniWA Research Committee.